Parisian savoir-faire

– Learning workshop with an art craftsman : handbag or wallet making, embroidery, flowers arranging, hat making, french cuisine ao pâtisserie class

– Visit a pottery, porcelain, silversmith, furniture or cutlery maker 

– Meet with a master craftsman or an art restorerin his workshop : this will give you the opportunity to watch the at work or even try your hand with his guidance

– Create your own sent in a perfumery lab

– Photography classes (Paris by day or by night)


Initiation à la broderie.
Visite chez un plumassier et atelier d'initiation.
Visites chez des artisans-restaurateurs d'art.
Atelier parfum.
Atelier de démonstration des soieries Hermès.
Visite d'un atelier de souliers pour hommes sur mesure.

A few ideas

  • We personnaly know most of the craftsmen who will welcome you and open exceptionnally their doors for you.
  • Thanks to these privilège contacts we can also organize a post visit cocktail party or drinks at you convergence.

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