Very Incredible Paris tours

We organise exclusive tours for up to 8 participants, tailored specially for you. Our services are designed to match participant profiles and cater to your interests, wishes and time available (half day, full day or more).
Thanks to our special partnerships (with craftsmen, specialists, historians, collectors, etc), we are able to access venues not generally open to the general public. Simply email us with your request and we will get in touch for more details and send you a quote.
Submerge yourself in French lifestyle!

Very Incredible Paris theme tours


Choose a topic you fancy and Very Incredible Paris will organise a day’s outing around it, e.g. the history of Paris, a historical figure, the art world or French cuisine. Simply present us with an idea or favourite topic and Very Incredible Paris will arrange a programme specially for you.
Very Incredible Paris welcomes both professionals and amateurs. We will be delighted to take you on an exclusive tailored tour.

A few ideas

Mad about flowers? Very Incredible Paris can arrange a guided tour of flowers in Art, get you to meet a famous Paris park gardener or a chef who uses flowers in his cuisine (which you can sample!).
Are you a fan of Napoleon? Very Incredible Paris invites you to follow his traces through Palais Royal, the Légion d’Honneur museum, the Louvre or the Invalides, rounded off with a guided tour of his personal objects housed in a private Paris mansion, followed by drinks.
18th century furniture and works of art
Keen on antiques ? Very Incredible Paris can take you behind the scenes at the Drouot auction rooms and introduce you to the experts. Then a master craftsman will teach you the secrets of restoring antiques, followed by lunch or dinner in the sumptuous decor of an 18th century restaurant.
"A woman without a perfume is a woman without a future" (Coco Chanel)
  • Guided tour at the Louvre “Perfume in art”
  •  Tour and workshop session in the “Grand musée du parfum”
  • Create your  perfume in a perfumery lab
  • Lunch at the “Restaurant 68” in the Guerlain boutique

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