About Us

Meet the team

Anne Derouineau

Associate Project Designer

After starting her career in the luxury trade, Anne entered the art world as manager for an art consultant. She also organises international exchanges for an NGO. She is passionate about France and its culture, and jumped at the idea of unveiling the secrets of Paris to impassioned visitors. She remains fascinated by her adopted city, so steeped in luxury, art and gourmet cuisine.
“ I enjoy putting together people who are keen to exchange and build on their passions”
– Anne

Antoinette Fontaine

Associate Project Designer

After a career as Project Manager with a multinational company, Antoinette’s passion for 19th century art took over. She returned to her studies and did a degree in Art History at the Ecole du Louvre, and is now administrator for the Ecole du Louvre Association, organising guided tours and trips for graduates. Born in Paris, she is fascinated by its multiple facets.

“ I am delighted by the incredible wealth of cultural activities in Paris offered by distinguished specialists”.
– Antoinette

Anne and Antoinette are grateful for the precious contributions from Catherine C, James M and Catherine M.

Our history and values

We could so easily never have met! But a common friend who loves Paris and its unique heritage as much as we do thought it would be a great idea for us to pool our expertise. Therefore, at an age when many people think of retiring, we decided to plunge into the workplace! Our aim is to share the richness of Paris, its eclectic dynamic lifestyle and its wealth of culture and art with visitors to the city, whether here on holiday or business, for a day or a month. We can arrange discovery tours of amazing people and places, unveil the city’s hidden gems, offer gourmet cuisine in unusual venues, bring together people with a shared passion, offer tours of the unexpected and a fascinating journey through time.

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